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Inpixon Completes Acquisition of Global Distribution & Development License for SYSTAT and SigmaPlot Software Suite

We look forward to continuing to offer the reliable sales and support services to the existing SYSTAT and SigmaPlot customer base, while also striving to offer an enhanced user experience and platform extensions that the customers who rely on these tools have been looking for,” said Nadir Ali, Inpixon CEO. “With this transaction we expect to increase our revenue and cross-selling opportunities for all of our solutions, including the Inpixon MappingAnalytics and Workplace Readiness™ solutions, with a greatly expanded global customer base. In addition, the development rights granted will not only allow us to improve the statistical and analytical capabilities of the products for existing customers of the software but also enable us to incorporate the new offering into our Indoor Intelligence platform.”

Systat Software, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of statistical analysis and visualization software, announced that it has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to distribute the Sigma Series line of products from SPSS Inc. (NASDAQ: SPSS). Sigma Series products are used by scientists and engineers for data presentation and analysis, including the flagship SigmaPlot® offering, SigmaStat® statistical analysis package, and SigmaScan® image analysis software. In addition to the distribution license, the agreement also involves the acquisition of all related customers, personnel, and fixed assets. The combination of existing Systat Software products and Sigma Series software allows the company to serve all the research needs of scientists seamlessly-experimental design, data analysis and visualization, and now technical graphing and presentation-giving scientists more time to focus on their research. Systat Software purchased all related intellectual property, including brand names and trademarks, after three years.


” Demand for Sigma-series products is as solid today as it was when we acquired them in 1996, ” said Jack Noonan, president and chief executive officer of SPSS Inc. ” Yet these offerings are now peripheral to our previously stated strategy of establishing leadership in the predictive analytics market by leveraging our core expertise in the analysis of peoples attributes, actions, and attitudes. This agreement both tightens our strategic focus and strengthens our balance sheet for the task ahead. “


” The acquisition of SPSS Sigma Series products will make Systats vision a reality as we continue to develop and supply the industry standard in statistical analysis and visualization software and services, said Richard Gall, president of Systat Software. ” The expanded product line illustrates our commitment to providing high-quality, cutting-edge software to scientific researchers and engineers around the world. We will continue to invest in our products and technologies so we can best serve the needs of our customers. “

SigmaPlot was developed by Jandel Corporation for Windows 3.1x and maintained by them until version 4.0. In 1996, Jandel Corporation merged into SPSS Inc.[2] SigmaPlot was maintained by SPSS through version 8. SPSS agreed to acquire Jandel Scientific Software, a privately-held producer of software tools for scientists. The transaction was expected to be done as a pooling of interests valued at approximately $9 million. The parties concluded the transaction by the end of November 1996

SigmaPlot evolved from a ‘ready, fire, aim’ business approach. In 1981 we created a company with no name and no product with a vague idea of developing a computer-based nurse scheduling system (the four founders had a medical research background). That idea died quickly when we realized that nurse scheduling depended heavily on qualitative criteria, like whose boyfriend was in town. We then developed software for creating art on an Apple II called Flying Colors. The company now had a name – Computer Colorworks. The product was reasonably successful, selling about a million dollars worth, but its big weakness was the need to draw with your fist using a joystick. So Dr Osborn invented the Digital Paintbrush System. This was a pen that you drew with naturally. If you pressed the pen down it drew and it had a button on the side for menu selection. The pen was connected to a very attractive plastic box via nylon ‘strings’ (I think we called them cables) and then to two potentiometers. It worked beautifully and aspiring artists were creating art on their Apple II and subsequently the IBM PC. 

Then someone asked if the Digital Paintbrush System could be used as a digitiser for scientific measurement. We developed a method for calibrating it and sold it for $250. The competition at the time was an electromagnetic tablet with a price in the range of $2,000. A 1/16 page advertisement was placed in Science magazine and the phone rang off the hook. We were now in the science business and we renamed the company Jandel Scientific (after John Osborn, his wife Annie and ‘del’ was added because it just sounded good). 

As you can imagine the scientists were not satisfied with just a digitiser. Once they had the data they wanted to visualize and analyze it.

SigmaPlot was created to graph the data and to a small degree analyze it statistically (the product SigmaStat came much later). The scientists also had images containing objects that they wanted to measure. For example, they wanted to use the Digital Paintbrush System to measure the curvilinear lengths of neurons displayed as an image on the monitor. Or measure the x,y positions of whales in an image of whales in a pod. Thus was born the Jandel Video Analysis System, which was software for quantitative measurement of objects in images. It became Java for short and someone very compulsively registered the name both in the US and Europe. A second version was called Mocha, but then we ran out of coffee names (Starbucks did not exist yet or there could have been ‘Half Caf’, etc.) and renamed it SigmaScan to continue the Sigma line.

Sometime later the phone rang and it was some lawyers from Sun Microsystems. ‘We see you have registered the name Java in both the US and Europe,’ they said. ‘We would like to purchase it. Is it still in use?’ It wasn’t, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t say that. In any case a deal was struck and I can honestly say in retrospect that you never ask enough.

The sales of SigmaPlot increased dramatically, with Jandel recognized as an Inc 500 company four years in a row. One of the reasons for its success was that it was able to draw error bars, which the spreadsheet at the time could not. This was important since our sales were almost 100 per cent to life scientists, who extensively use this feature.

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