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SigmaPlot, Graphs


SigmaPlot, Graphs

*  Adding axes

*  Simple, Multiple, and Complex Area Plots

*  Multi-row axis tick labels

*  Axis breaks in a graph a with customized axis (“from column”)

*  Graphs with multiple axis breaks (DE)

*  Using Column Titles as Tick Labels, with a User-Defined Transform

*  Align Objects on the Graph Page

*  Arranging and aligning Graphs (and other Objects on the Graph Page)

*  Arrhenius Graph

*  Graph with grouped stacked bars (DE)

*  Border Plots

*  Boxplots from statistical parameters

*  Bubble plot – adjusting the bubble sizes

*  Creating a Candlestick Graph

*  Category Axis

*  Category Plot

*  Colorline Graph

*  Graphing raw and cumulated values

*  Cursor Position and Data-Feedback

*  How to re-assign data to a plot?

*  Error Bar Directions

*  Festlegung der Fehlerbalken-Richtung in Plots mit mehreren Kurven (DE)

*  3D-Balkendiagramm mit “Fehlerbalken” (DE)

*  Stacked bar graph with error bars

*  Farbe – die dritte Dimension in einem 2D Bar Graph (DE)

*  Floating Bar Graph

*  Editing a Graph Gallery Graph

*  Global Graph Attribute Changes

*  Grouped Box Plots

*  Histograms

*  Histogramme mit unregelmäßigen Intervallgrenzen (DE)

*  Interpolation issues with Mesh and Contour graphs

*  Outliers in Box Plots

*  Percentile Methods

*  Label Symbols Macro

*  Text as symbols, and labels added to symbols

*  Flexible Legends in SigmaPlot 13

*  Point Plots and Dot Plots

*  Nutzung von Fonts als Symbol (DE)

*  Nutzung der Zeichentabelle als Symbol für Achsenbeschriftung (DE)

*  Graphen und Objekte bewegen mit der “Nudge”-Funktion (DE)

*  “Howto” – Graphen auf der Seite verschieben und anordnen (DE)

*  SigmaPlot Statistics Result Graphs

SigmaPlot, Macros

*  The Color Transition Values Macro

*  Macro: Compute the area under a curve

*  Histogram with Kernel Density Macro

*  Label Symbols Macro

*  Merge Columns Macro

*  Normal Distribution Comparison-Macro

*  Parallel Lines Analysis Macro

*  Macro Quick Re-Plot: Pick new data for a plot

*  The “Rank and Percentile” macro

*  Run Excel from a SigmaPlot macro

*  Splitting groups of data from one column into multiple columns (unindex)

*  Macro: Add the notebook file name to the graph page

*  Adding a macro to the standard macro library

*  Adding a macro to the “Tools” section of the ToolBox ribbon

SigmaPlot, Transforms: User-Defined/Quick/Statistical

*  Bubb/wp-content/products/download-resources/TT201311le plot – adjusting the bubble sizes

*  X Direction Confidence Intervals – Interpolation

*  Data Table from an Equation

*  Percentage Histogram

*  Quick Transforms with Automatic Update

*  Rearranging worksheet data: From 1 to many columns

*  Splitting groups of data from one column into multiple columns (unindex)

*  Statistical Transforms – Center and Normalize

*  Unindex One-way 2 Columns

*  User-defined transforms / useful feature of SigmaPlot

SigmaPlot, general

*  Adding the Close All button to the Quick Access Toolbar

*  Arranging data worksheet and graph page

*  The Column Statistics Window

*  Column Titles in the Worksheet

*  Decimal sign in SigmaPlot

*  Decimal sign conversion, utilities

*  Export worksheet data as formatted (decimal places) to the clipboard

*  File formats and import steps

*  Formatting Worksheet Areas

*  Function keys and keyboard shortcuts with SigmaPlot

*  Rearranging Notebook Items

*  The Create Graph Tab in the Quickstart Wizard

*  The Menu To Ribbon Utility

*  Moving a network license to another machine

*  Plot and Solve Equations

*  Publication Assistant

*  Adding Graph Page and Data Worksheet Icons to the Quick Access Toolbar

*  UI Panels: Turn off and on UI elements

*  SigmaPlot user files, where are they, what are they?

*  SigmaPlot on a netbook computer (turning off the permanent display of the ribbons)

*  Artikel: “Kardiologische Forschungsdaten auswerten und effektvoll präsentieren mit SigmaPlot” (DE)

Curve Fitting

*  Adding an equation to the standard fit library

*  Adding an equation to the EK module

*  Whitepaper: “Using Global Curve Fitting to Determine Dose Response Parallelism”

*  SigmaPlot Data Smoothing


*  Artikel: “PeakFit: Die Dekonvolution als Methode zur Quantifizierung überlagerter chromatographischer Peaks” (DE)


*  User-Defined Functions (UDFs) mit /wp-content/products/download-resources/TT201311TableCurve 2D und TableCurve 3D

*  User-Defined Functions (UDFs) with TableCurve 2D and TableCurve 3D – Part 2, Adjusting Parameters

SigmaScan Pro

*  SigmaScan Pro-Makro: “Batch Analysis of Digital Images to Evaluate Turfgrass Characteristics” []

*  Macro: Turf Analysis.bas (Download)

*  Macro: Turf Analysis 1-2.bas (Download)

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