Announcing the launch of

SigmaPlotng Foundation

What is SigmaPlotng

Based on the existing SigmaPlot ng Framework we are pleased to announce the launch of SigmaPlot ng Foundation, designed specifically to meet the needs of the student community.

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SigmaPlot ng Foundation is our first ever cross platform tool, which allows our users the flexibility to use SigmaPlot ng Foundation on multiple OS or devices. It is built on a cloud first framework, enabling us to deliver common experience across all platforms. Though SigmaPlot ng Foundation caters to a wider audience, it has been developed essentially to address the rising needs of the student community. Data Analysis and Graphing provide an invaluable aid in solving arithmetic and algebraic problems and representing relationships among variables, display mathematical relationships that often cannot be easily recognized in numerical form, students as young as 12 can learn skills that are essential not only at University but also at their chosen career path. SigmaPlot ng Foundation is intended to be a learning tool and can be deployed in any size class room. Although SigmaPlot ng Foundation preserves SigmaPlot’s primary function of visualizing statistical data its simplified to suit the needs of the student community, making it a very powerful tool for all students.

SigmaPlotng is built considering the growing needs of our customers to handle complex data. With it's modular architecture SigmaPlot ng offers enhanced flexibility and ease of use.